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December 02, 2008


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Fuentes vs. Rodriguez? If I'm paying over 11 Mil per year for Fuentes why not get Francisco?

Will the Mets make a major trade? Like the one for Santana? No. Could we still snag Street as a setup guy? Yes.

Is Omar on the Hot Seat? No, but he should be. When are they gonna hire me to replace him? That's a better question.

Heilman, Schoenweis, and/or Feliciano? I see two moving, because I see the Mets wanting Street to set up.

Is Heilman worth a high level prospect? Not one like F-Mart.

Cruz or Beimel? If the Mets could get Cruz in here I'd be thrilled. Beimel is only important if we traded both Feliciano and Schoenweis.

Is Castillo finally gone? No... (Pouts)

O-Hud moving to Queens? Not unless Castillo disappears. "Hey Fat Tony, make it happen."

Who will the Mets get to start? Oliver Perez because who would really want those silly draft picks.

Is Murphy the starting LF in '09? They'll be a contest in Spring Training but it looks likely for now.

Who will catch in '09? Schneider he did not perform under MY expectations. Who did Omar think he was?

Phrodo Lives!

James K.

I don't understand the perception that K-Rod is vastly superior to Fuentes. Honestly it's pretty close, and on any given day I might say Fuentes is better.


Fuentes is 7 years older, and lost his job as recently as 2007. I wouldn't pay 11 million+ for Fuentes, I agree with Phlavio, may as well get the 26 year old K-Rod


Yeah really. Forget about peripherals, deterioration of stuff, price tag, just keep grasping to that 'Fuentes lost his job in 07' crap.

sidd finch

I'd go with Fuentes, when he lost his job in '07, he was injured. He went on the DL, and Corpas was lights out. The Rockies signed Corpas to long term deal, they can't have two closers.

The clincher for me is that Fuentes put up the numbers that he put up in COLORADO, the graveyard for pitchers.

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